What to visit?

Start your sea adventure, disconnect from your everyday life and indulge in the natural beauties and benefits of Kvarner. Have fun on your vacation by relaxing in one of the hidden beaches accessible only by sea or exploring the Kvarner Bay where you will certainly find something special for you. Enjoy the rich cultural heritage, gastronomy, architecture, clear sea and lush Mediterranean vegetation. Start with us your ideal vacation.

Črišnjeva (cherry) bay
Gastro Attraction Port
45.24842, 14.58194 8 NM - Selce
Peskera Bay
Attraction Beach
45.22756, 14.58903 6,5 NM - Selce
Fort Maltempo
Attraction Beach Port
45.23950, 14.59188 7 NM - Selce
Rudine bay
Attraction Beach
45.18753, 14.61499 4,3 NM - Selce
Klimno bay
Gastro Attraction Beach Port
45.15839, 14.61794 3,8 NM - Selce
Kačjak bay
Gastro Attraction Beach Port
45.20486, 14.64753 3,8 NM - Selce
Gastro Attraction Beach Port
45.14759, 14.66389 2,7 NM - Selce
Voz bay
Attraction Beach
45.23445, 14.57677 8,1 NM - Selce

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