Therms of use
    • The rental price includes the use of a fully equipped boat. The rental price does not include:
      • Fuel costs,
      • costs related to the maritime domain and berth,
      • deposit costs (deposit).
        • Online reservations:
          • payment of 30% of the rental price after the approval of the contract
          • payment of 70% of the rental price two weeks before the start of the rental.
      • DEPOSIT
        • Prior to the charter, the lessee is obliged to make a deposit to the owner in the amount specified for the requested vessel (NOTE: the deposit can only be made in cash).
        • The deposit is fully refundable to the renter provided the boat is returned on time, clean and tidy, without damage and a full fuel tank.
    • "NB Sailing" is responsible for the equipment, cleanliness and tidiness of the boat and the preparation of the boat for driving (full gas and water tanks). During the entire rental period, the boat remains the property of "NB Sailing".
      • HOW TO USE
        • Before signing this Agreement, the lessee is obliged, with the lessor, to inspect the general condition of the boat and check the equipment and inventory. All defects on the boat and equipment that were not discovered before the charter, do not entitle the renter to ask for rental prices at a discount.
        • The boat is handed over to the lessee at the agreed time, not earlier than 9:00 CET, at the agreed place. The lessee is obliged to return the boat no later than 19:00 CET at the agreed place.
        • The charterer is obliged to return the boat to the owner on time to the agreed destination. The boat must be clean and tidy, undamaged, and the fuel tank full. If the boat does not return to the agreed destination on time, it is obligatory to contact "NB Sailing" and follow only its instructions on the further course of action. Late return can be justified in case of force majeure provided that the renter immediately notifies "NB Sailing". The cost of lost or damaged parts of the boat and / or equipment caused by the charterer and his crew due will be deducted from the deposit. If the fuel tank is not full, the owner will deduct from the deposit the amount needed to refuel the fuel tank.
        • If the lessee does not adhere to the agreed deadline within 24 hours, the lessor has the right to terminate the contract and put the boat further in the offer. In that case, the lessee is not entitled to a refund of the deposit.
        • If the charterer and his crew cancel the charter for any reason after the start of the rental period (after taking over the boat), "NB Sailing" will keep the full rental price and charge the lessee all costs associated with the cancellation. If the lessee cancels the lease up to 4 weeks before the start of the lease, "NB Sailing" will keep 30% of the rental price, while "NB Sailing" will keep the full rental price if the cancellation is made within 4 weeks from the start of the lease.
        • The owner will receive all valid documents required for the lease and is obliged to take proper care of them during the rental period.
        • If the boat is unavailable for any reason unrelated to the charterer, the charterer has the right to claim a refund for the part of the rental period for which the boat was not available. NB Sailing will try to provide a similar or better replacement boat vessel at the same price.
        • The boat, equipment and crew are insured for all damages and losses, depending on the type of chartered boat. The boat and the boat skipper are insured for damage caused to a third party. All damages and / or losses covered by the insurance must be reported immediately to NB Sailing.
        • NB Sailing is not responsible for loss and / or damage to renters or third party property located on board. By signing this Agreement, the lessee renounces the claim for compensation for this type of loss and damage from "NB Sailing".
    • The lessee is obliged to pay the owner all material and legal costs that are not covered by insurance that are the result of the negligence of the lesee and negligence for which the owner is responsible to a third party. The lessee is especially responsible in case of confiscation of the boat due to illegal activity. In the event of an accident and / or shipwreck, the lessee is obliged to record the course of events or obtain a written note from the Harbor Master's Office, doctors or other authorized parties, as well as immediately notify "NB Sailing" in case the boat is missing, seized or sailing is not possible, or is prohibited by an authorized party or other person, the lessee is obliged to notify "NB Sailing" and the authorized parties. The renter is required to check the oil level daily before starting the engine. The renter is responsible for damage and losses due to lack of oil in the engine. Damage caused to parts of the boat below the water level caused by the lessor's negligence and careless work will be charged to the lessor.
      • DAMAGE
        • For all damage, regardless of the cause, the lessee is obliged to immediately notify "NB Sailing", which will inform the lessee about how to solve the problem. The lesee will be charged for all unauthorized repairs and replacements.
    • For any conflicts arising from this Agreement, both parties will try to resolve them by mutual consent. If this is not possible, the court of the Republic of Croatia in charge for this issue will be considered competent to resolve the conflict. For the interpretation of this Agreement, the authority of the Republic of Croatia in charge for this issue shall consider the text written in the Croatian language to be legally valid.

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